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INsurance "carré neige"


To enjoy your stay with confidence

Esf Courchevel 1850 offers insurance to ensure your coverage and assistance during your stay in Courchevel. 

  • Le Carré Neige "Alpin" interruption insurance.
For more information: www.carreneige.com

Carré Neige is an insurance product with a team of dedicated professionals.
This is the result of the collaboration of a broker (GBC Montagne), an insurer (Société Générale), an assistance organiser (Europ Assistance), a brand (Comité Ski Savoie) and a network of sales agents and partners (ESF and operators of skiing areas).



Collisions between skiers, sprains, fractures, dislocations, head injuries... Alpine skiing involves many risks and each season has its share of accidents, 100 to 150,000 per year. This is why Carré Neige created Carré Neige ALPINE to provide the necessary insurance guarantees and assistance in case of an accident during your stay.
For € 3.00 per day per person, you get the expertise of top professionals and complete services, from the rescue on slopes to the reimbursement of ski passes and ambulance transport.

The Guarantees:
  • Rescue and evacuation: From the rescue assistance to your transfer to the most appropriate medical facility, Carré Neige is at your side. With Carré Neige, the cost of search and rescue, as well as the first transport costs, are taken care of. 

  • Reimbursement of the unused days of the "ski-lift passes" and/or ski lessons: In all these following cases Carré Neige will refund your ski passes and/or ski lessons unused 50€ deducted from the refund due: (A skiing or snow sports accident. Illness: the inability to take part in sports must be for the rest of the stay. The early return of the policyholder and the members of their family who hold a "carré neige" policy. Shut-down of the ski-lifts due to a power cut.)

  • Reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation expenses in addition of the refunds from the national healthcare system or any other organisation:  From small to big injuries, it's downright beneficial. Carré Neige reimburses medical expenses that you pay in addition to the mandatory insurance scheme and/or your medical compensation (minus an excess of €50 and only for the expenses incurred in mainland France during the stay in the resort). 

  • Repatriation assistance (europ assistance): If you cannot move, Carré Neige covers you and members of your family. (Transport & repatriation: actual expenses. Return trip for children under 15 years of age: coverage of 1st class return train tickets or economy-class plane tickets, with a chaperone if required. Transportation of the body in the event of death: coverage of the transportation of the body, the preparations and specific transport adjustments for the transportation of the body, contribution to the cost of a coffin or urn: €1,500. Replacement driver: the driver's travel expenses and salary or a 1st class train ticket or an economy-class plane ticket.
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