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With ESF we offer a real competitive angle with courses and tests in the Flechette or Chamois d'Or. This  course is for children who are showing real promise and have that competitive nature and want to further stretch themselves.
During busy periods only.

Students in these courses are regularly characterised by excellent results in national competitions such as the Gold Star, the Ski d'Or and the Coq d'Or (8 times winner of Ski gold since 1999). Supervised by specially selected  competition instructors under the responsibility of Alain Calvez, there are spaces/ internships each year to allow some young people to train to become a ski instructor. At ESF we can accompany your children to this event.
The choice of course should be relevant to the age and the level of the pupil. ESF reserves the right to move a child up or down in a group to ensure they are receiving the correct tuition for their level.

At all levels, lunch with an instructor can be arranged.


For younger children this course is suitable for the improvement from the group lessons or TOP6.

This course will prepare children to compete at the ESF tests Etoile d'Or at the Flechette or Fleche de Bronze. The course will work on slalom skills, involve technical workshops, free skiing and with an emphasis on strong technical input, guaranteed to improve line and direction.

Minimum technical level required: Bronze Star and/or Gold Star
Lift pass is not included.

2016 / 2017 OFFER



This offer is subject to the following conditions:
  • For every child's week package purchased (6 or 7 days), an adult is invited to the TOP8 lesson on the Sunday at the beginning of the week (one adult per child package / valid for the Sunday lesson only) subject to registration following the procedure which will be sent by email after your online purchase.
  • For every child's week package purchased, the child registered is invited to also attend on the Saturday: subject to purchasing the 7 day package online and following the registration process which will be sent to you via email after your booking. (7th day FREE see table below)

2016/2017 Winter season
Morning09:30 - 12:00 
Afternoon13:30 - 16:30

Meeting Point: The Croisette, close to the Jardin Alpin gondola



  • Training 5, 6 or 7 consecutive days
  • Starting from Sunday or Monday
  • Level: Bronze Star or Gold Star
  • Lunch with instructor possible
  • Helmet and dorsal compulsory
Week package 6 days 
571.00 €
Week package 7 days 
571.00 €

Important Option for all parents:

Insurance Carré neige

  • Price per person
  • Carré Neige +"Cancellation" 
  • View full benefits via the link on the right
Carré Neige Cancellation 6 days €
Carré Neige Cancellation 7 days