ESF Courchevel 1850 was FOUNDED in 1947

Spotting an opportunity in the heart of the snowy peaks of the 3 Valleys it was ironic that in 1947 three pioneers of their time founded the ESF school in Courchevel 1850. Leo ZAVANESKI, Camille and Jean CURTET SALLIER embarked on the build of the first ski school station unaware that their industrious work will become a reference for the towns success in future decades.

The history of the ESF is clear to see as many of it's first instructors still wear the red jackets and proudly brandish the medals that so symbolize the profession. During the early years many of the workers and instructors would come from neighbouring villages, valleys and even countries, attracted by the size and diversity of the area and it's occupants. It was however, the strong roots born out of the area of St. Bon that truly cemented the strength and authenticity of such a large ski school.

The 'SKIING 60s' in courchevel

By the early 60s there were already 60 instructors working for ESF and the first cable car (Verdons) replaced the antiquated 'bottle basket' 2 man lift. In 1966 Pierre GRUNEBURG and Robert WHITE launched a mini-ski area in Courchevel which would become a valuable educational set up in years to come.


ESF Courchevel 1850 can now boast more than 500 instructors of which 30% are female.
The detail to the diversity of the visitors can be accommodated by overcoming language barriers in up to 12 languages. The ESF offer ten sports with more than 250 instructors a day operating on the mountains. The community aspect plays an important part with ESF working alongside the town's management committee and sports department. The assistance offered in summer and winter activities as well as festive events are coordinated together and ESF play a major part in the mountain rescue and avalanche alerts.

Through its history, the ESF continue to be a key player in the resort of Courchevel 1850.