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1947, Birth of ESF in COURCHEVEL 1850

1947 was the birth of the station (ski resort) in Courchevel 1850, the ESF was created by 3 instructors: Léo ZAVANESKI, Camille CURTET and Jean SALLIER.

Pioneers amongst pioneers, they unknowingly built a school and a station that would become legendary. Among their early companions, there are some today who are still on their skis and proudly wear the red sweater and the medal, symbols of their profession.

Throughout its history, the ESF 1850 has been enriched by the integration of instructors from neighboring valleys, massifs and more distant countries; this diversity is based on a strong roots in the community of Courchevel, guaranteeing the solidity and authenticity of a large ski school.

turning the last 60 years

By 1960, there were already 60 instructors

The first cable car, Les Verdons, replaces the "bottle basket" (telebenne 2 places) created in 1955. In 1966, Pierre GRUNEBERG and Robert BLANC launched mini-skiing in Courchevel, which will become a leading educational tool.
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Today in ESF Courchevel...

More than 500 instructors including 70% men and 30% women but it also:
  • 12 different spoken languages
  • Many sports activities
  • More than 250 committed instructors per day
  • A presence alongside the municipality and the sports service with the supervision of school in skiing, winter and summer activities and participation in the festive and sporting events of the resort
  • Provide immediate assistance to mountain rescue professionals in the event of an avalanche warning
  • Active support for the Sports Club: training of future instructors (maintenance of links between the generations) 

With its history, closely connected with that of Courchevel, and by its mass, the ESF 1850 is an essential part of the station and resort.
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    ESF Courchevel 1850 Ecole du ski français
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