Snowboard and
Alpine skiing
Spoken language(s)
French - English
Since 2015, Antoine has been sharing his passion for skiing in a happy atmosphere!

Thanks to the precious help of his parents, Antoine discovered the joys of skiing when he was just a young child. Passionate about this winter sport and by the sensations provided, Antoine later decided to measure up to other skiers during FIS races. Afterwards, his passion for skiing had taken such a huge place in his life that turning it into his profession was unavoidable. Since 2015, Antoine has been working as a ski instructor who always teaches in a happy atmosphere and who makes sure to provide individual recommendations to each one of his students. One of his best teaching memories is an outing on powder snow with a group of children. For him, esf represents professionalism and rock solid benevolence. 

When the ski season is over, Antoine works as an optician and glasses manufacturer. Quite athletic, he likes playing football and tennis. During ski trips, Antoine had the opportunity to ski on Austrian and Italian slopes. His favourite slope in Courchevel in the Combe de la Saulire.
When would you like to ski with me?