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"Ignore and you will lose. Look for something and you will find it. But looking for something only helps you find it if what you are looking for is already in you." (Confucius) "When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing." (Tibetan proverb)


I have been living in Courchevel since I was born, and I must say, even if it's a bit chauvinistic, that after having visited many restorts in France and foreign countries, I can tell that thanks to its ski area adapted to all skiing levels, and thanks to its after-ski life, Courchevel will remain the Vanoise pearl, and the Alps star.

My opinion on skiing in a few words ? Not easy, but whatever ! Skiing would be nothing without the mountain, which is "not fair, nor unfair, but dangerous" (Reinhold Messner). To my mind it's not dangerous, the mountains is like a feline, sometimes vivacious and sometimes affectionate. Just like you wouldn't enter a wild animal's cage without a tamer, I think you shouldn't go ski without an instructor. To be honest; when I go ski in places that I do not know, I always go with a professional, it is to my mind the best way to enjoy your stay. "A mountain's destiny must be awful, it always has to look at the same scenery", with a professional you are able to ski in the whole area without any bad surprise, a professional will know where to take you so that you can improve, you will have fun while avoiding the dangers of mountains, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Even practiced in the best conditions, skiing remains a sport, and just like any sport, improving requires effort. The professional has to adapt himself to you and not the contrary, but keep in mind that "what you learn with efforts always remains fixed loçnger" (Luc Lecompte) and I would add that it is also more satisfying. I have been a top racer, and by curiosity I started feeride and freestyle skiing, I also love snowboard, and in every one of those steps, I was helped by a professional.

When would you like to ski with me?