Alpine skiing
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'We should all respect nature and wildlife is we want to continue skiing'!


When asking Romain what his best memories are as an instructor, he answers that ‘every moment is unique’. So, do not hesitate taking skiing lessons with this benevolent and altruist instructor.

Romain’s father was working on ski lifts, which gave Romain an excuse to spend his free time at the ski resort! Originally from Bozel, it was only taking 20 mn to reach the ski resort. Incidentally, his favourite piste is Chanrossa.

Romain already took part in competitions of biathlon and was named Savoie Champion. He has been transmitting his passion for ten years with a smile and in a friendly atmosphere because to him, skiing is above all a leisure activity.

Nature-lover, Romain doesn’t get tired of working in this renowned station, on one of the largest skiing resorts in a wonderful landscape.

To him, cross-country skiing enables you to discover nature while enjoying the sensations of sliding and freedom. You can empty your mind and outdo yourself. Yet, he warns that skiing can also be dangerous, and has to be practiced under safety conditions.

Once the winter season is over, Romain is specialised in acrobatic work. During his free time, he remains in contact with nature and practices activities such as hunting, fishing and football.  

When would you like to ski with me?