Alpine skiing
Spoken language(s)
French - English
Victoria is a young student that is just starting instructorship with a lot of enthusiasm!

Since Victoria has discovered the pleasures of skiing at only two years old, this discipline never left her. If she does not have any experience in instructorship yet, Victoria is a skier who is motivated and very competitive. Indeed, for many years, she has participated to the Ski d’Or and Étoile d’Or competitions where she was always in the top 3. Moreover, this young instructor knows the skiing area of Trois Vallées by heart which will allow you to discover less crowded spots. Incidentally, she mainly chose to become an instructor to share her passion and her knowledge of the resort. For Victoria, the esf school represents cohesion, the defence of this profession and the unprecedented quality of teaching. 

When she is not teaching the art of skiing to her students, Victoria is a business school student. Passionate about music and dancing, the young instructor once had the opportunity to ski in Chile which introduced her to very different skiing conditions. Lastly, her favorite slope in Courchevel is the Saulire.

When would you like to ski with me?