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Lessons in the Children's Village
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Your child will enjoy lessons with ESF

The CLUB PIOU PIOU experience starts now!

Suitable for the beginners up to the first star: From 3 y/o to 5 y/o

The ESF Club Piou Piou is the ideal way for your child to learn, play, have fun and experience the wonders of the mountain.

The main objective of the Club Piou Piou is to introduce your child to the mountain environment, motivate them to move around and play in the snow area. By using the Club Piou Piou's characters, including Piou Piou and his friends, Blanchot (the white rabbit), Sifflote (the marmot), Garolou (the wolf) , Ourson (the teddy bear), your child will join an imaginary world where games take the mind off the discomfort of wearing winter clothes and skis. Subconsciously, your child will progress from shoes to skis while playing and understanding Piou Piou's story.

Surrounded and supervised by our expert team of ESF instructors, children learn at their own pace and experience the first exhilarating sensations of sliding down on the snow.

Our groups lessons are open from a minimum of 4 people registered.
Horaires et Tarifs
The Children's Village is fully secured.
All courses are conducted by our ESF trained instructors.

Group lessons in the Children's Village are available for half-days (morning or afternoon) or full days.
It is possible to include a meal option in 5, 6 or 7 day packages starting Sunday or Monday, available for sale online.
For any other request, please contact us by email. Please check that your chosen course matches the age and level of your child, ESF reserves the right to offer you adequate services in case of inconsistency.
Lift pass not included

Club Piou Piou HOURS 

SEASON 2020/2021MorningAfternoon
Welcome From 9am From 2pm
Ski Class 09:30am - 12:00pm 2pm - 04:30pm
Full day = morning + afternoon lessons (meals not included, please see rates and procedure here-below)

CLub Piou Piou >     

      FULL Days

457 €

Group Lessons - 5, 6 or 7 days

From Sunday or Monday 
  • From 4 to 5 years old - Until the first star
  • We advise that a 3-year-old child takes half days only
  • Lunch is not included, please see at the bottom of the page.
CLub Piou Piou - full dayprice
5 Days 457 €
6 Days 491 €
7 Days 491 €

CLub Piou Piou >        


301 €

Group Lessons - 5, 6 or 7 mornings

From Sunday or Monday
  • From 3 to 5 years old - From beginners to the first star
  • Beginner to the first-star level
  • The meal is not included, please go to the bottom of the page to check our meal options.
CLub Piou Piou - morningsprice
5 Mornings 301 €
6 Mornings  323 €
7 Mornings  323 €

CLub Piou Piou >         


301 €

Group Lessons - 5,6 or 7 afternoon

From Sunday or  Monday
  • From 3 to 5 years old - From beginners to the first star
  • Beginner to the first-star level
  • This course cannot be combined with a meal option during busy periods. Please see the meal option details below.
CLub Piou Piou - afternoon price
5 Afternoons  301 €
6 Afternoons 323 €
7 Afternoons 323 €

à partir de
25 € / jour

Select the meal option at the end of your purchase process! 

  • Meal at the children's village from 12:00pm to 02:00pm
  • Children from 3 to 12 years old have lunch together
  • The meal option + afternoon lesson is not available during busy periods
  • 5, 6 or 7 meals starting on Sunday or Monday


 FOR flocon and 1st star

78 €

Exclusive Ski lift price - 

Only for level Flocon and 1st stars
Week package  6 or 7 days
5 days 78 €
6 days 82 €
7 days 94 €

 Advanced issues found

For each Club Piou Piou child's week package purchased (6 or 7 days), we would like to offer a TOP8 course to an adult on Sunday (one adult per package).
Subject to your registration following the invitation procedure sent to you by email after your online purchase.

Club Piou Piou is a magical fantasy environment that introduces children to Piou Piou's friends, subconsciously teaching them how to ski at the same time. 
The club is full of activities and discovery where children take part in activities and games based around the 5 characters.
To find out more about Club Piou Piou, visit the website
  • ESF Courchevel 1850 Courchevel 1850
  • 110 rue de la croisette - 73120 Courchevel France
  • Tel : +33 (0)4 79 08 07 72