Julian is a young ski instructor who has started skiing in his earliest childhood.

Originally from Nice, this new Savoyard joined the Ecole du Ski Français (ESF) in order to make this sliding sport more accessible and to pass on his knowledge to the greatest number.

For Julian, his learners’ improvements have to be smooth. This is why he focuses his teaching on a playful method so that they can outdo themselves.

The young instructor, who discovered Courchevel thanks to a friend, enjoys dealing with French, European and even international customers. Trained within the prestigious Ecole du Ski Français (ESF), he truly admires this institution and does his best to transmit its values.

Julian, who practiced competitive skiing for ten years, has learnt a lot from these years of hard training, which led his to outdo himself. Now, he teaches in one of the most prestigious European skiing resort.

Apart from his instructorship, Julian is passionate about photography and loves travelling. He especially had the opportunity to hit Italian and Spanish ski runs, yet he prefers the French ones which are for him more appealing and dynamic. 

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