"L'ESF 1850 est extraordinaire sur tous les plans, bon travail du Service des Pistes et des remontées mécaniques. Skiez avec les Ecoles du Ski Français !!"


Albert has been giving skiing lessons for 48 years. He is able to teach any type of learner, from novices to experienced skiers.

Albert Contamine was born at Chandon les Allues, right in the middle of the Trois Vallées. Experienced instructor, he has been teaching for five decades to any type of learner. In order to convey his knowledge and his advice properly, he focuses his teaching on a playful method and on communication, depending on the personality of each of his customers.

Albert only keeps good memories from instructing on the skiing area, where he lives with his family. His greatest delight is to build a good relationship with his learners, and observing them improving while having fun.

Albert started skiing at the age of seven and became a ski instructor at the ESF. He was carried by his desire to join this great family, whom reception and modernity of teaching he appreciates.

He took part in competitions before starting his instructorship. He is also in charge of the planning of ski trails.

When not hitting the slopes on skis, Albert climbs passes on his bicycle!

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