My specialities are : Mountain guide, Off track et Skiing

“Vous faire découvrir la nature avec des skis aux pieds”


For 43 years, Didier Faivre has been transmitting his passion to new learners. Passionate about mountains, he also works as a mountain guide and practices off-piste skiing and hiking.

Originally from Franche-Comté, he decided to settle in Courchevel to give skiing lessons in wintertime. Before that, Didier instructed in Switzerland. His desire to make new people discovering the mountain, his passion for skiing and his delight to teach are the reasons why he decided to become a ski instructor.

Today, he likes being in Courchevel, which is for him a large ski resort where everything has been conceived to satisfy any customer. He likes to say that working for the ESF and wearing the red sweater ensures the quality of the lessons.

Didier likes to make his learners discover the least known ski runs in order to ski in peace and quiet and to teach them new techniques. When he is not on a ski run, Didier likes to discover new summits, this time wearing shoes. Even though he works as a mountain guide, he is also passionate about climbing and trekking.

Furthermore, he has already travelled a lot and leaving on expeditions. Didier has hurtled down ski trails all over Europe, but also in Canada, South America, Morocco and Tunisia. The pleasure he gets from discovering new places never leaves him. It is however at ESF Courchevel that he looks forward to come back every winter.  

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