My speciality is : Skiing

"Je suis prêt à vous apprendre mon savoir-faire et vous faire découvrir avec plaisir notre domaine skiable, sans contrainte, pour que vous ayez envie de revenir."


Fascinated by nature and in need of fresh air, Dominique has been a ski instructor for 12 years.

Originally from the Bresse, Dominique discovers skiing during an outing in the mountain with friends 33 years ago. Astounded by the sense of freedom conveyed by snow sliding, he starts to look forward the winter season to devote himself to his passion with increasing impatience.

He actually decided to become a ski instructor to devote all his time to his favourite activity. Dominique appreciates being in touch with people and sharing his skills. He has been teaching skiing for 12 years in Courchevel ski resort. He discovers this skiing area thanks to friends. He is on good terms with everybody working in the resort.

Every winter season, Dominque gladly puts on the red suit worn by the members of the ESF to which he is very proud to work for. In order to help his learners improving their skills on the snow, skiing Dominique adapts his teaching method to his learners, but remains thorough with rules and techniques. His specific way of teaching allowed him to have wonderful memories with his customers.

It appears that cold does not upset this trainer at all, since apart from his instructorship, Dominique is also a refrigerated carrier. Despite the fact that he also likes this occupation, he admits that he muh prefers being a ski instructor.

Dominique, who likes every ski trail of the resort, is convinced that the greatest ski runs of the world are close to hand on the skiing area of the Trois Vallées. His dearest wish is to continue to earn a living from his passion, and to share it to more and more learners.

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