My specialities are : Freeride, Skiing et Snowboard

"Courchevel : un environnement superbe, apportant des sensations fortes de vitesse, de glisse et de liberté. Je suis heureux de pouvoir communiquer ma passion dans un tel milieu."


Florian, instructor from Isère, has been guiding his students for 12 years on the slopes of Courchevel.

Originally from St. Etienne de Saint Geoirs, in Isère, Florian quickly hits the ski slopes and never plans to leave them.

In love with mountains, great outdoors and the feeling of freedom he gets when he is on his skis, he quickly has the idea to make his passion his job. Therefore, in order to become an instructor, Florian pushes the doors of the famous French Ski School, renowned for its professionalism and its seniority.

The Isérois has now been teaching for 12 years on the slopes of Courchevel, a resort he considers perfect for teaching.

Florian, whose passion for skiing has led to the top of the slopes of Argentina, practices with just as much excitement motorcycle, windsurfing and cycling.

The favorite spots of this dynamic instructor are Jean Blanc, La Saulire and Le Creux Noir.

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