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"Le ski c'est le plaisir, la liberté et l'évasion dans des paysages de rêve."


Originally from Courchevel Le Praz, Jacqueline Pachod Fedrizzi knows perfectly the resort where she teaches, and which she is especially fond of. Specialised in the teaching of snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski-touring and off-piste skiing, this passionate instructor has been communicating her knowledge for 37 years now.

She started practicing as early as two and a half, on the ‘lino of the kitchen’, as she recalls with amusement. Jacqueline, who immediately loved this sport, continued to practice with much pleasure, for she was not compelled to achieve any results. Above all, she likes being under the impression that she is in harmony with nature, within fantastic landscapes.

Therefore, this instructor rapidly stopped competing; that did not prevent her from perfecting her technique for several years before joining the Ecole du Ski Français, whom thoroughness, expertise and professionalism she admires. For her, anyone can ski; all is a matter of teaching and confidence, which can be acquired from the moment you know your strengths. This is what Jacqueline strives to get her learners understand through her lessons.

Apart from teaching, Jacqueline is specialised in body cares: natural lymphatic drainage, aesthetics, and only recently, perceptive pedagogy. Well-being is important for this instructor, who is particularly solicitous over that of her learners on the slopes.

Jacqueline, fascinated by all forms of expressions, is also passionate with theatre, music and singing, but also by the water world (swimming and aquatraining). 

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