Karla started skiing while taking her very first steps. Originally from Courchevel, this local girl is accustomed to live close to the resort’s slopes, where she has been teaching her favourite specialities only recently.

Karla is very attached to Courchevel skiing area, since her family has been living there for generations now. It is at the age of six that she started cross country skiing in the resort’s slopes. Later on, she decided to devote her time to biathlon, thus following in her big brother’s steps.

These are the two specialities Karla has been teaching with passion in her preferred ski resort. Her favourite slopes are Le Chemin des Ecureuils in Courchevel 1850 and the plateau of Belvédère in Courchevel Moriond- to ‘get some colours!’, she points out.

Her experience as well as her knowledge of these two specialities allowed her to step on podiums from her earliest days, first for cross-country competitions, then as a biathlete for national courses.

Following these years of intensive competitions, Karla decided to transmit her passion to the greatest number. Her objective is to communicate her expertise and her knowledge, but also to help her customers discover this varied and comprehensive sport which can attract all types of audience.

The different aspects of this sport enable Karla to teach it in different ways. Thus, she can adopt a relaxing approach, linked to the mountain’s discovery. Or else, her teaching can be more playful, sometimes leading to a competitive level. Finally, Karla really appreciates working in this idyllic environment.

Karla already had the opportunity to discover Scandinavian slopes in Norway, whose resorts were offering endless slopes. This peculiar memory remains one of her best experiences, as she could feel that the practice of skiing was spreading through the whole country. She also discovered Dachstein Glacier in Austria, similar to the one Tignes...But with a little something extra!

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