My specialities are : Competition et Snowboard

"Soyez réaliste, demandez-moi l'impossible !"


For the past ten years, Salome has been teaching skiing with the same dedication.

Originally from Courchevel, Salome began skiing at the age of two. She continues today a long family tradition : her grandfather was one of the first instructors of the famous resort ; her parents followed, as well as her uncle and aunt. Since 2007, Salomé has been teaching in her turn, to the delight of students who cross her path ! For her, skiing is a vector of freedom, with innumerable playgrounds in the heart of sublime landscapes that she likes to photograph during her free time.

Salome admits humbly that she never had the makings of a champion, although she competed until she was 17 years old.

Therefore, in addition to a profession in communication, she has enthusiastically moved towards mentoring which is both a vocation and a family legacy. Rich in her past as a competitor who has allowed her to travel to Argentina, Austria, Germany and Italy, Salomé still believes that the best slopes are on the area of the Trois Vallées : Les Suisses, La Jean Blanc, Les Chapelets, Le Campagnol and Boismint.

Salomé offers an adapted apprenticeship for each level and each age group, in both French and English. Children benefit from mimicry and play-based learning, an approach that, from experience, she considers very effective. As for adults, she teaches more techniques.

Truly attached to her students, Salomé has the habit of creating strong links with her skiers, children or adults. When she has time, she even makes short films of her students so that they keep track of these good times spent together on skis.

Meeting nice people in unusual places, seeing children progress at a bewildering speed... this is what, beyond sports practice, passionate this skier who sees the ESF as a triptych of essential values : quality, friendliness and security!

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