My specialities are : Competition, Heliskiing, Off track, Skiing et Ski mountaineering

« Si vous ne pouvez exceller par le talent, triomphez par l’effort »


Originally from Courchevel 1850, Thomas was almost born with skis at his feet. Since 2009, he teaches at the ESF.

If you are born in Courchevel, skiing is always close; Thomas started sliding at the age of three. He immediately loved this sport and wanted to share this passion to the greatest number. The idea of being a ski instructor quickly become as self-evident for him.

Thomas focuses on adapting his teaching to his learners; to their fears as well as to their wills and objectives so that they can have fun, regardless of their level. For every skier is different and progresses at a different pace. From time to time, he even forges links with some of his learners.

Having spent all his life in Courchevel, Thomas loves this skiing area unconditionally. He is always glad to make his learners discover his favourite spots, such as la Loze- early in the morning, though. Even if it is easily accessible, it includes interesting slopes which enable the skier to slide in a straightforward manner or, in contrast, in a relaxed manner. Proud to work at the ESF, Thomas emphasises the values of excellence and the professionalism conveyed by the ski school.

Addicted to the adrenaline this sport provides, Thomas also likes being in communion with nature. For a long time, he took part in international competitions. In order to satisfy this passion, he followed a sports study programme, which enabled him to handle simultaneously skiing competitions and his studies. High level skiing took up most of his time.

Today, Thomas studies at the ESCP Europe and is specialised in corporate finance. His school is located in Paris, but he comes back to Courchevel as soon as he can. Thomas likes to travel during his free time, and his experience abroad enabled him to discover more than 30 different countries.

Since a very early age, Thomas skies every summer on the Andes, Argentina. For him, it is an amazing place. Even though this activity is less developed in Argentina, there are many lovely places. Thomas also skied in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and in the United States.

Despite all these travels, you should not ask Thomas which slopes are his favourites; for him, it depends on weather conditions. But if the snow is perfect and if you are well escorted, all of them can become the best in the world. 

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