My specialities are : Competition, Off track et Skiing

"Knowing how to take and give pleasure is the most important thing for a ski instructor."


Ski instructor all year round, Yan accompanies his clients to the southern hemisphere !

Originally from Bourg-Saint-Maurice, in Savoie, Yan was born far from the ski slopes. So he starts to ride down the snowy slopes since the age of four. Quickly passionate about skiing, he experiences years of high-level competition. During this period, he participates to many competitions and wins many awards.

Motivated by his love for skiing, he quickly thinks about making his passion his profession. Thus Yan integrates the famous École du Ski Français whose he admires the teaching quality. He becomes a ski instructor and teaches there for 24 years, always with enthusiasm.

All year round, Yan guides his clients to the southern hemisphere on the slopes of Chili and Argentina. These extraordinary trips enabled him to keep improving his mastery and his teaching approach. The latter aims to get the clients to progress technically while having fun.

This experienced instructor has many memories, such as trips in the magic powder snow… Yan also remembers the day he won the Ski d’Or for the ESF of Courchevel 1850.

Living in Albertville, the instructor admits that he does not plan to stay in Courchevel, though he admires the way the resort advertises : a clever mix of sport and luxury. All resorts mixed up, his favorites slopes are Saulire, Wegen and Kitzbuhel.

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