ski touring

gliding upside down !

Keep fit and enjoy the fresh mountain air ...
In Courchevel it's possible.

Ski touring is an activity where someone skis uphill and then skis down again without needing to remove the skis.
Whether beginner or experienced, equipped with touring skis, you will discover that you can finally slide backwards!
The ascent is done with special equipment for the base of your skis: With alpine skis that have anti-kickback lint, often called "skins" (because fur / seal skin was used in the past, before the invention of plastics) it will enable you to not slide back down the mountain and typically skis, bindings, and boots allow free movement of the heel to enable a walking pace, as in Nordic, and unlike in Alpine skiing.
Our specialised instructors in ski mountaineering, will teach you all the techniques to improve and control your efforts.

We offer in our ESF personalized coaching sessions from 17:00 to 19:00 (150 euros) at the close of the lifts & slopes when the mountain takes its place.

So if you want to try, or practice ...Contact us at the ESF office.