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Exceptional off piste heaven

Where dreams really do come true!

ski off piste with our specialist esf instructors and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the mountain environment

At ESF Courchevel 1850 we can offer the very best in off piste skiing. The mountains have many off piste runs that can only be accessed safely with one of our ESF instructors.

Want to learn to ski off-piste?
Our mountain guides and instructors have been learning over the years how to get the best out of the off piste areas. With an off piste lesson you will be able to improve your powder skiing techniques, your posture and other styles associated with this style of skiing.

As long as you are a Class 3 level skier we will take you on easy initiation courses so that you can taste your first experiences off piste. If you are, however, a good level skier our instructors will take you to discover their favorite spots and secret runs on the exceptional domain of the 3 Valleys.

Horaires et Tarifs



450 €

Private Instructor - Full Day Off Piste

4 or 5 persons maximum - Level required Class 3 
  • Off Piste: Introduction & improvement
  • You will be supervised by an ESF instructor who specialises in off piste practice and environment
  • All safety equipment will be provided
  • Full day experience
full day price
Daily price starts from : 460 €

NEW OFF PISTE OFFER! 'Share your Instructor'

If you feel uncomfortable skiing alone off piste with your instructor, why not share him/her with a friend or COLLEAGUE.

Our new initiative is to 'Share your Instructor' with a friend or individual. 


We will find you other interested off piste skiers who have expressed an interest at the same time as you. Together, with your ESF instructor you will achieve the goal of off piste skiing whilst sharing the cost! Contact us!
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