My specialities are : Off track et Skiing

“Courchevel nous permet de côtoyer des gens du monde entier. C'est unique et enrichissant.”


Philippe, who has worked as an instructor for 30 years, happily transfers his love for nature.

Savoyard by birth, Philippe obviously started skiing very early. He grew up frequenting the resort of Courchevel thanks to the school bus. Quickly comfortable on his skis, Philippe perfected his practice through competitions and during his spare time.

From these years of competition, Philippe especially remembers the trips and the wonderful people he met.

In love with sports and mountain, Philippe decided to become a ski instructor. He taught in La Plagne for 15 years, which enabled him to get a mountain experience through many hikes. Courchevel gave him lasting childhood memories, which is why he chose this resort in which he has now been teaching for 30 years.

For Philippe, every mountain resort needs the ESF to live. This school is renowned for its quality teaching and its safety. Thanks to the variety of the instructors, the ESF is able to meet all the expectations of the clientele.

To teach his students how to ski, Philippe adapts the equipment and chooses the appropriate area, according to everyone's expectations. For this patient instructor, pleasure and trust with his clients are very important. His best teaching memories are built around the simple values of happiness, passion and sharing.

Philippe's whole life is about snow, an element in which he finds his vital energy. He wishes to transmit this feeling to the greatest number, especially in this modern world where everything is going too fast and in which it is necessary to get fresh ideas.

Outside the slopes, Philippe has a multi-activity outdoor sports business, "Vertes Sensations", located on the edge of a Savoyard lake. Thanks to this activity, he keeps in touch with nature all year round.

The favorite slopes of the instructor are La Jean Blanc and its surroundings, La Marmotte and the slopes around the Vizelle.

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