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Alpine skiing
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French - English - Spanish

‘Courchevel is one of the most beautiful skiing area in the world; it is therefore a privilege to teach here.’ 


Living all his life close to the Courchevel ski resort, Basil has been immersed in the world of skiing very early. When he was only a little boy, he was rewarded several times during regional championships. Today, this high-level instructor is specialised in competitive skiing.

Basile comes from Bozel, a small municipality very close to Courchevel ski resort. Basile started training at ESF La Tania before joining Courchevel Sports Club and starting his instructorship.

This resort has a special place in his heart; a good relationship with its clients, a desire to transmit a knowledge, instructors able to adapt to their learners’ needs… As many values that characterise the Ecole du Ski Français for him.

Despite the fact that he started teaching last winter, he loves this ski area and the beauty of the alpine landscape. More than an exceptional scenery, Courchevel offers a ski area whose ski slopes are maintained and of good quality. By the way, his favourite pistes are La Saulire, Les Arolles and La Loze.

Above all, he likes the sensation of sliding this sport conveys. He also appreciates the different types of practices this sport offers. Although specialised in competitive skiing, Basile also enjoys practicing off-piste skiing and snowboarding. Polyglot, he can speak English and masters the basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish.

Nature-lover, Basile wants his learners to discover the beauty of the ski area. He likes teaching to see his learners improving.

While he teaches skiing in winter, he follows business studies the rest of the year. Apart from his instructorship, he studies marketing techniques in Annecy. The two seasons are then completely different from one another.

Basile loves sport, especially soccer, which he practices in a sports club. He also does bodybuilding. Enthusiast about discoveries and new experiences, he likes travelling and meeting new people. However, he never had the opportunity to ski abroad.

To him, the most beautiful ski runs in the world are Kitzbuhel, Wengen, La Face de Bellevarde, Schladming, and Lake Louise downhill. 

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