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‘Courchevel: how to combine the pleasure of sliding with love of good food in great restaurants and luxurious architecture within an otherworldly landscape’ 


Alizée Laugier is a local girl, since she was born in Courchevel. She then discovered skiing as early as two and quickly joined the resort’s Sports Club, where she took part in several competitions for twelve years. Driven by her wish to communicate her passion, she then decided to bring competitive skiing to a close and to devote herself to teaching. She therefore joined ESF, which for her represents a great family with an unrivalled “know-how” and “know-how-to-be”.

As a ski instructor, Alizée has more than one string to her bow, since she also teaches snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski touring, off-piste skiing and competitive skiing with as much technicality. She also teaches skiing to toddlers.

Alizée has been working as a ski instructor for 7 years in Courchevel 1850. She is committed to pass on her passion with gentleness to her learners, because above all, sliding sports have to be a pleasure and not a constraint. With her, achievements come little by little, and the results can clearly be seen. All of that in a relaxed atmosphere. Alizée appreciates teaching her discipline to children, who pay close attention and have a faculty to adapt.

During her competitive years, Alizée had the opportunity to travel in several European resorts (Italy, Austria, Switzerland), but also in Argentina and every year in Ushuaia for a month and a half between 15 and 18 year-old. These rewarding experiences allowed her to open up to other cultures and to compare her way to comprehend sliding sports with that of other instructors who have a different teaching method. 

Apart from teaching, Alizée practices swimming, wakeboarding, riding a motorbike, hiking and fitness with as much passion.  

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