aurorede maulmont
Alpine skiing
Spoken language(s)
French - English
Former high level competitor, Aurore has been a ski instructor for over twenty years!
Originally from Vars in the Hautes-Alpes department, Aurore tried out skiing for the first time at only 2 thanks to the help of her father who also works as an instructor. For this passionate woman, skiing is as natural as walking. Aurore has had a career of almost 20 years in competition, 8 of them at the top level, she has competed in European cups and even in the USA. Growing up in a resort and being raised by a ski instructor, it was natural for Aurore to follow the same path. Before joining esf Courchevel 1850, Aurore taught how to ski in the resort of Vars and in Alaska. For her, Courchevel 1850 is the nerve centre of the domain and esf offers an unprecedented infrastructure representing family, pleasure and tradition. 

The profession of instructor is occasional for Aurore as she spends most of her time working in a medical laboratory. Skiing lets her enjoy a breath of fresh air! In summer, her main hobby is road biking. Finally, her favourite slope in Courchevel is the Combe des Pylônes.
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