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‘Courchevel is synonymous with excellence.’


Theatre and music lover, Christophe has been giving skiing lessons for 30 years with the same passion!

Originally from Creusot, Christophe has been teaching skiing for three decades with the same pleasure. At six, he discovered skiing and this sport captivated him so much that he even slept with his pair of skis!

As any good skier, Christophe took part in competitions for ten years. Carried by his love for sledging, mountains and fresh air as well as his desire to be in touch with people, he quickly becomes a ski instructor. Christophe therefore joins the ESF for its renowned teaching, but also for its friendly atmosphere.

Christophe has a special relationship with Courchevel, as it allows him to practise the profession of his dream in remarkable conditions, and also allows him to make a living from his passion- that is to say, music. He feels grateful about this job, which even enabled him to go as far as Chile!

When Christophe instructs, he especially focuses on sharing his sensations with his learners so they can adopt the technical aspect of skiing. His greatest satisfactions are to see his learners growing and improving their skills every year.

Christophe likes calm, green spaces and sledging. He appreciates skiing for it gathers people above a dull weather and takes their minds off their worries and also him to seize the moment.

Apart from ski runs, Christophe also owns a restaurant. This gourmet is also a restaurant owner, and loves music and theater.

His favourite slopes are La Jean Blanc, L’Epaule de la Vizelle, Les Creux, La Morretta Blanche, La Folhières and La Maudy.

When would you like to ski with me?