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Alpine skiing
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‘Skiing is a source of enjoyment before anything else’.


For 18 years, Hervé has been teaching all forms of ski to any type of learner. Led by his passion, he became a ski instructor.

Above all else, Hervé wants his teaching method to be playful in order to make his learners progress with no apprehension.

Originally from Autrans (Vercors), Hervé was a ski-jumper before becoming a coach of this discipline. This demanding sport enabled him to discover Courchevel 1850 at a very early age. In this skiing resort, he particularly likes the Jockeys, on which he enjoys practicing any kind of ski from Alpine to Nordic skiing in winter; in summer, he rather prefers cycling, mountain biking, paragliding and water sports.

Thrillseeker, Hervé was a member of the French ski jumping team from 1994 to 1999. During these years of competition, he trained over all Europe and Canada. Then, carried by his will to share his knowledge, he joined the great family of the ESF, whom professionalism and brotherhood he admires.

In the summer, Hervé is a mountain bike instructor, an occupation which allows him to remain in contact with the mountain while enjoying the fresh air. When not teaching, this ski enthusiast spends a maximum of time with his family before hitting the slopes again!

When would you like to ski with me?