Alpine skiing
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I will use one of our famous saying in France: "skiing is my passion, passing it on is my job"


To me, Courchevel is one of the best compromise you can find for skiing: beautiful groomed slopes, skiing in the forest when the weather is not great, and restaurants on the slopes on the whole skiieng area. Apart from that, Courchevel is only a small part of the 3 Valleys skiing area, which is for me the most wonderful playground, skis on of course !

Skiing is magic ! we'll glide in dreamy landscapes of nature, always changing, which implies a constant technic and behavior improvement. This is what makes skiing so rich and gives so thrilling sensations ! What I appreciate the most, as a ski instructor, is being able to take customers to slopes, in a few years time, where they realise they can ski down easily but they could not walk down, while they've been walking forever !

When would you like to ski with me?