A different skiing sensation


The esf of Courchevel 1850 can accompany you the whole winter on the various Nordic sites of the 3 Valleys which count a hundred kilometers of slopes.

This is the opportunity to relax, discover forest trails on snowy fields or marked trails, in the Vanoise National Park. And why not take the time to take a break and eat in a refuge.
WINTER rhytmes with beauty, joy of life and always new sensations. This sport combines physical activity and effort with the pleasures of natural beauty, landscape and silence. Cross country ski brings you a special feeling thanks to the nature, the landscapes, the secret forest life and the beautiful view of the mountains. You will enjoy the natural beauty and the serenity that surrounds you.

There are two techniques :
THE ALTERNATIVE STEP : the traditional skill. To start the cross country ski and to keep fit. We are skiing on marked trails on piste and off piste. The movement is close to the walk and the running that allows to improve quickly and enjoy to ski without any efforts.

For the sportives one (skiers, hikers, cyclists) who wish to improve their physical capacities and keep fit by working all the body by skating on marked trails. This sports allows to achieve a good balance with an intense cardiac rythme. A privileged moment to take your time and feel the sliding feeling.
It's worth it : 
-The magnificient spectacle of a nature which is not completely asleep.
-Discover a new activity.
-Discover a different skiing sensation.
With : 
-Cross country skiing material (skating or classic).
-Breathable clothing and not too thick.
-A water bottle.
2 hours or 4 hours
or full day 
Private lesson or in group of 3 to 6 people
1/5 - 3/5
Level of difficulty