A different skiing sensation


Let our specialized instructors guide you to discover new skiing sensations on the different Nordic sites of the 3 Valleys, which have a hundred kilometers of trails.

Conqueror of the white space, the cross-country skier feels deeply the physical and moral enrichment brought by the rhythmic movement and the supple and fast gliding of his body on light slats. Cross-country skiing brings a close communion with nature, the changing landscape, the secret life of the forest and the beauty of the mountain panorama. For the cross-country skier, winter rhymes with beauty, joy of life, and ever new sensations. Happiness is at the end of your spatulas!

Your experience in pictures

Example of a program for your day

  • Meeting at the ESF of 1850 with your instructor and explanation of the equipment and the functioning of cross-country skiing
  • It's time to leave quietly on the different courses in the forest
  • Discover this new sliding sensation and observe the surrounding nature, you may have the chance to see one of its small inhabitants.
  • Let yourself slide in the rails drawn on the track for the width of your skis
  • Take a well deserved break in a small restaurant / refuge and get ready to return to the resort.

Output characteristics

It's worth it
-The magnificient spectacle of a nature which is not completely asleep.
-Discover a new activity.
-Discover a different skiing sensation.
-Cross country skiing material (skating or classic).
-Breathable clothing and not too thick.
-A water bottle.
Group size
Private lesson or group of 3 to 6 people maximum
Duration 2 hours or 4 hours or day
Difficulty 1/5 - 3/5

A word from the instructor

"An activity to be as close to nature as possible and discover places off the beaten track." Claude