Esf Mountain Academy
A tailor-made adventure
Whatever your level, we are committed to making off-piste skiing accessible to all. From beginner to expert level, our instructors will guide you and offer you different experiences: sealskins, snowshoeing tours or off-piste tours; an experience adapted to your level and your desires awaits you! You don't need to be a top sportsman to recharge your batteries, go out into the countryside, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the purity of the mountains and their benefits.
An adventure that suits you
Security: a top priority 
Safety comes first for our instructors.
Do you know what's the survival time under the snow? Only 15 minutes... You need to act before the mountain rescue arrives! Take part in practical workshops and safety courses that will enable you to gain in freedom and serenity. 
The expertise of our mountain guides and instructors
We have selected 40 instructors specialised in off-piste skiing, they have all experienced this adventure and will guide you for a moment of pure freedom. Our qualified and certified instructors are waiting for you for a unique experience! 
Our mountain experts
The exhilaration of summits
Come and experience your adventure in an unrivalled setting off the beaten track. Discover a ski area like you've never seen before: acres of virgin snow, summits as far as the eye can see, fresh mountain air and breathtaking landscapes!
Breathtaking pristine landscapes
The freedom of skiing 
Well equipped and accompanied, go to the most beautiful slopes of Courchevel and Les 3 Vallées. You will be away from the crowds and enjoy unique skiing sensations and experiences  that will mark you for life: freedom is priceless. 
Unrivalled skiing pleasures