3 ski experiences to try!

3 ski experiences to try from this winter ! 

Publié le 15/12/2023 - Rédigé par Marie
Whether you're an amateur skier or a true enthusiast, ski resorts now offer you a wide range of activities to vary your pleasures and discover new sensations.

So many opportunities to get away from the beaten track and reinvent your skiing in grandiose snow-covered landscapes. So, are you ready for a new adventure this winter?

Discover a new rhythm in ski touring

By combining walking with the pleasures of skiing, ski touring gives you greater freedom to explore the Courchevel ski area.

At a very different pace from downhill skiing, you take the time to discover new itineraries in the heart of nature, far from the slopes and ski lifts, for unparalleled sensations on the snow.

Between descents and ascents, ski touring is also a great cardio activity to keep you in shape this winter. It's a complete sport, involving all your muscles and improving your stamina in an enchanting mountain landscape.

For whom?

With the guidance of an experienced instructor, ski touring is a particularly accessible winter sport.

You'll be able to discover this activity at a gentle pace, with itineraries where technique takes precedence over vertical drop, so you can learn the right moves in the best possible conditions.
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A unique off-piste experience and sensation

Already at ease on the slopes, do you dream of pushing the limits of your playground off the marked trails? Why not try an off-piste activity this winter?

You'll be able to discover the resort's "secret spots" and enjoy a sensational experience as close as possible to Courchevel's relief.

With the impression of floating on the snow, the powdery curves allow you to try out a new form of skiing or snowboarding in an exceptional environment.

With friends, as a couple or as a family, with your older children, you can be sure of a unique vacation in the mountains.

For whom ? 

While a minimum of technical proficiency is required for off-piste skiing, the advice of an instructor will enable you to get started quickly and safely.

You'll learn the essential rules of off-piste skiing, and quickly get the most out of your new activity.

A sunset ski tour with the horizon for the only limit

As the slopes gradually become calmer, it's the perfect time to surprise your loved ones with an exceptional activity: a sunset hike.

In the late afternoon, you'll embark on a breathtaking adventure, in perfect communion with nature.

Step by step, in a friendly atmosphere, esf instructors guide you to the summit to watch the sunset over the mountain.

From a 360° point of view, you can enjoy every nuance of the mountain landscape. An intimate, timeless experience, sure to be a highlight of your winter holiday.

For whom ? 

Ski touring is an accessible sport, both physically and technically.

You can count on the advice of your instructor to take you safely off the beaten track and enjoy every minute of this magical activity.
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