Getting started on skis

Beginner skier? Essential techniques for learning at any age!

Publié le 02/11/2023 - Rédigé par Elsa
You've decided to try your hand at skiing this winter? esf can help you learn winter sports, so you can progress at your own pace and discover the incredible sensations of the slopes.

In the heart of the magnificent resort of Courchevel, come and familiarize yourself with winter sports, while enjoying the many advantages of the mountains.

Learn to ski at your own pace with esf

Winter sports can be impressive when you're just starting out. Many of us want to hurtle down the slopes in a spectacular mountain setting. To achieve these goals, it's a good idea to start gently, accompanied by an experienced instructor who will introduce you to the discipline in complete safety.

During your esf lessons, you'll have the opportunity to progress at your own pace, learning the different phases of the discipline step by step, from snowploughing to slalom racing. With our adult course, discover new sensations and set off to explore Courchevel's finest slopes.
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Equip yourself for an optimal experience

Courchevel is a great place to start skiing. With a huge ski area and pistes for all levels, there's something for everyone. However, if you want to enjoy your ski lessons in excellent conditions, don't forget to pack everything you need!

In order to stay perfectly dry despite the occasional clumsy fall, it's important to wear a warm, waterproof wetsuit, as well as gloves and hats. As for ski equipment, you can rent it at the heart of the resort, on the advice of specialists.

Discover our group courses for adults

For gentle learning at your own pace, group classes are an excellent alternative. In small groups of varying levels, you'll progress at your own pace, alongside other sports enthusiasts eager to learn.

Beginners can practice from Monday to Friday, accompanied by qualified instructors, during a week specially designed for them. From level assessment to theme days, esf promises an unforgettable introductory course in magnificent surroundings.

During your week of ski lessons for adults, you'll start your days on the wonderful Croisette snow front. In dedicated areas, you'll be sure to discover the discipline in complete safety, and master the basics of skiing in just a few days.
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