Challenge your friends in slalom

Challenge your friends in Slalom with the Flèche and Chamois tests ! 

Publié le 15/11/2023 - Rédigé par Nadège
In Courchevel, speed and sliding enthusiasts can take alpine skiing lessons to perfect their skills, or choose to enjoy the wonders of the resort on their own.

Either way, the ski area's slopes lend themselves perfectly to this exercise, with some offering vertiginous slopes ideal for speed and time trials.

If the urge to challenge your friends to a ski test is too strong, you now know where to meet them this winter!

Get up to speed with the Slalom events!

Skiers who are used to hurtling down the slopes at full speed, and who enjoy these adrenalin-pumping moments, also appreciate the Slalom courses.

Staked out and punctuated by winding bends, these courses offer an intense experience. Experienced riders can pit themselves against other participants and exploit their most complex techniques in an untimed or timed descent.

In Courchevel, the famous Eclipse slope, which has already welcomed many professionals, is an ideal playground for this.
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Test your performance with ski tests

Slalom is a demanding discipline that continues to attract new enthusiasts. In the biggest ski competitions, professionals always go head-to-head in a race of this magnitude.

This allows us to assess the level of each individual, in terms of both technique and speed. The Emile-Allais stadium in Courchevel 1850 is the ideal venue to bring the challenges of all slalom enthusiasts to life.

In fact, it's the venue for some of the world's most prestigious ski competitions. If you too would like to test your skills on these types of courses, the Flèche and Chamois tests are just waiting for you.

From the Flèche test to the Chamois test: esf assessments

esf has created a number of ski tests for children, teenagers and adults, so that every skier can find out his or her level, while competing against other enthusiasts.

As far as speed is concerned, you can sign up right now for either the Flèche or the Chamois test, depending on your experience. To distinguish between the two, the Flèche test consists of a special slalom course with 30 to 40 gates and a vertical drop of between 120 and 200 m. The Chamois test consists of a special slalom course with 30 to 40 gates and a vertical drop of between 120 and 200 m.

The Flèche test, on the other hand, has 25 to 35 gates and a vertical drop of 200 to 250 m: a more vertiginous Slalom. So head to Courchevel's Slalom Park to challenge your friends!
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