Discover heliskiing in Courchevel!

Are you ready for heliskiing? Our instructors will guide you to the top!

Publié le 23/11/2023 - Rédigé par Coline
Get away from the beaten track for your next ski holiday in the heart of nature with heliskiing!

A daring blend of helicopter and ski, you'll be transported to the most beautiful mountain peaks for memorable descents. Thrill-seekers will be delighted to take part in this intense experience.

Heliskiing: a unique way to discover the mountains

Would you like to spend an unforgettable vacation in the mountains and experience extreme emotions? Heli-skiing is for you!

Climb aboard a helicopter, enjoy incredible panoramic views and discover the infinite playground that awaits you. After flying over snow-covered peaks, you'll be dropped off at the top of pristine slopes, ready to be hurtled down.

This activity is sure to satisfy all thrill-seekers. Off-piste, you'll need to be accompanied by a professional guide who knows every inch of the terrain and how to orientate you in the mountains.

Set off in small groups for long descents interspersed with lunch in a typical inn and breaks to admire the scenery. Heli-skiing is a convivial and sporting experience, and you'll leave with stars in your eyes!
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A sensational day at the most famous sites

Take a day out of your stay to discover heliskiing and enjoy the most beautiful sites in the surrounding area - you won't regret it!

Courchevel's unique location means you can fly quickly to the most famous heli-skiing spots. In groups of up to 4 people, you'll be able to admire the majestic peaks of Switzerland, Val d'Aosta and Sestriere.

Heli-skiing will take you away from the crowds and give you a unique experience in the air and on the snow, right in the heart of nature! Experienced skiers with at least a class 3 qualification can enjoy one or more days on Courchevel's finest slopes.

Enjoy a personalized getaway with an experienced instructor

To get the most out of heliskiing, you'll be accompanied by a qualified instructor who will have trained you beforehand. In fact, you'll receive tailored advice to help you prepare for your outing.

Your level and skills will be assessed a few days before the activity, so we can adapt to your needs and make sure you have the best possible day. You'll also be equipped with all the safety gear and protective accessories you need for a worry-free trip!

On the big day, you can set off from your hotel or chalet with your instructor for a magical session on the summits!
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