Ourson, flocons and étoiles : what differences ?

Oursons, flocons, étoiles : the secrets of ski tests

Publié le 16/10/2023 - Rédigé par Nadège
This winter, many children will be heading to ski schools to learn the basics of this alpine sport or to perfect their techniques on the slopes.

From the age of 4, children can discover the joys of skiing with ski instructors, and then take part in the esf tests scheduled during the courses. At the end of these assessments, the apprentice skiers receive a reward in line with their abilities.

Oursons, flocons, étoiles... let's decipher the meaning of these medals created by esf.

Les oursons : rewards for the little ones

When a child puts on his ski boots for the first time, his step is a little hesitant on the snow. That's why our instructors take the time to teach them the right way to move on the Club PiouPiou slopes.

As training progresses, the child learns to put on his ski boots properly, control his speed, use the ski lift and stop using a snowplough. When the little ones have successfully completed all these steps, they can be awarded the Ourson level.

This medal, featuring Titourson, validates their learning.
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Les flocons : greater freedom on the slopes

The reward is a snowflake (flocon) just above the ourson. To win this medal, the child must first be able to control his or her skiing, from speed to braking.

At this level, some apprentice skiers can even make their first skids on the Children's Village slopes.

To assess the child's level, the tests focus in particular on his or her ability to link turns (7 to 8), alternating snowploughing with repositioning the skis in parallel. When the child validates all these conditions, he or she can be rewarded with a pretty silver flake.

Les étoiles : more advanced downhill skiing

A child who trains for a star in skiing is a child who has already mastered the discipline. Stars are actually divided into six models, sometimes grouped into two categories: levels 1, 2 and 3; and higher levels (bronze star, silver star and gold star).

From the 1st star to the gold star, the child becomes a true skier, gradually mastering all the essential techniques of this Alpine sport: gliding over different types of terrain, taking off at speed, turning, skidding, slaloms, tricks and more.

Before he can earn his gold star, he'll have to perform his first ski tricks in a snowpark, or measure his speed in a timed mini-slalom. Once he's collected all his ski stars, the child can begin his first competitions!
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