Preparing your return to the slopes

From physical shape to equipment: our advice for your return to the slopes!

Publié le 22/09/2023 - Rédigé par Marie
While the magazines remind us every spring to prepare our summer body, as the winter season approaches, the winter body is also essential for skiing and snowboarding in the best possible conditions!

Here, we reveal all the keys to getting back on the slopes when the resorts open, from physical shape to equipment.

Must-do exercises to get back into shape

The physical effort involved in skiing or snowboarding focuses mainly on three areas of your body:

  • Your legs as you flex on the skis or board.
  • Your abdominal muscles for each turn, and when you stabilize your balance.
  • Your back for general body strengthening and better posture.

In addition to targeted strength training, you can also do HIIT sessions to strengthen your cardio and improve your respiratory capacity, as well as running, hiking or brisk walking sessions to work on your endurance.

With 30 minutes twice a week, you can set up a varied and stimulating workout for your return to the slopes.

Whether you're suffering from old injuries or have weak points, it's essential to take into account your level of fitness and your physical abilities in order to create a suitable sports routine.
So don't hesitate to consult your doctor to choose the right exercises.
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Refurbishment of your ski or snowboard equipment

While regular fitness and training will help you strengthen your body and reduce the risk of injury once you're on the slopes, it's also important to check your equipment before the season starts.

In particular, waxing your skis or snowboard will protect your equipment from oxidation and ensure ideal gliding sensations on the snow.

Bindings also need to be checked and adjusted if necessary. It's an essential check-up that will ensure you have reliable, high-performance equipment to take full advantage of the coming winter season.

A private lesson to get the season off on the right foot!

For all winter sports enthusiasts, the start of the season inevitably brings the prospect of numerous sessions on the slopes.

Downhill skiing, freestyle, off-piste, etc. Whatever your preferred discipline, you may want to take advantage of this year to discover new sliding sensations.

If your body needs to be strengthened and prepared for the falls, jumps and descents to come, you can opt for one or more private lessons with the support of a professional instructor.

You'll be in top shape thanks to regular physical preparation training, and you'll also benefit from personalized advice to help you make rapid progress and have even more fun from the very first descents!
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