Ski the legendary Eclipse slope in Courchevel!

Alpine World Ski Championships 2023: ski the legendary L'Éclipse piste!

Publié le 02/10/2023 - Rédigé par Marie
Inaugurated in 2022 for the men's World Cup final, the spectacular L'Éclipse piste in Courchevel was also the venue for the men's Alpine World Ski Championships on February 7, 2023.

A vertiginous and singular descent, accessible to all thrill-seekers who would like to take up the challenge! Here we reveal all the secrets of this exceptional slope: its technical features, its route and its special features.

An extraordinary track and a sensational playground

From conception to completion, all our teams have worked to create a perfect track, with a layout that optimizes speed and sensations.

From its start at Col de Loze, 2,234 m above sea level, to its finish next to the ski jump at Le Praz, 1,290 m above sea level, you can enjoy a 3.2 km descent with an average gradient of 30%.

As you can see, this is a particularly technical black run. So, if you want to take on this vertiginous slope, you need to put your experience to good use for a successful and enjoyable descent.

If you have a sufficient level, you can also ask your instructor to organize a descent on L'Éclipse during your lessons. It's a great opportunity to share the challenge with friends and family, and to get expert, personalized advice on the most complex sections of the run.
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Control your speed between light and shadow

Renowned as one of the most challenging runs in the world, one of the special features and difficulties of L'Éclipse is the very reason for its name: its alternating light and shade.

In fact, from the moment the track plunges into the forest, you'll be confronted with great differences in luminosity over the rest of the course.

While the wide curves at the top of the track have helped you build up speed, it can be difficult to anticipate turns and jumps correctly in these conditions.

The Eclipse: decoding a giant

Do you accept the challenge and are you already planning your stay in Courchevel this winter? Here's how to describe the Éclipse slope, so you can get to grips with this legendary descent without delay.

The jump of "Le Zénith"

The world's best downhillers had already passed through four gates by the time they reached this hump. A first jump and a plunging view of Mont Blanc before plunging into the next wall.

"Le mur du son"

On the upper part of the track, the length of the curves means you can build up a lot of speed before you reach the wall.

The S of "Les Arolles"

One of the signature features of this track is the 200 m long curves. Real chicanes in which you won't always see the exit.

The jockeys' jump

Followed by a steep, shaded slope, the jockeys' jump lets you soar up to 50 meters. The biggest jump on the L'Éclipse track!

Le trou noir

A most evocative name for a stage where you suddenly plunge into the shadows of the forest.

The wall of "la Bux" 

As the penultimate wall of the race, you'll need to optimize your speed beforehand to successfully negotiate this section, which has a maximum gradient of 58%.


Above the Olympic ski jumps of Le Praz, the jump guarantees a sensational experience in an incomparable setting.

The jump of "les braves"

The steepest and most spectacular wall on the slope, the saut des braves (jump of the brave) will mobilize your last reserves of energy before the final all-out schuss to close this exceptional descent after 945 m of vertical drop.

Now that you know the theory, all you have to do is put it into practice this winter at Courchevel 1850!
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