Your child defies the clock

Ski against the clock, an exciting challenge for your child!

Publié le 06/12/2023 - Rédigé par Coline
Is your child passionate about skiing and looking for new challenges? For your next family vacation in the mountains, consider our competition courses.

Perfect for making rapid progress and giving them a powerful sense of freedom, these timed challenges are the promise of rewarding days of sport!

Help your child take on new challenges

When they reach a certain age, children are curious to discover new things. They gain independence and develop a competitive spirit. Challenging themselves is the best way for them to learn quickly and gain self-confidence.

By offering competition courses to your young skiers, you'll be helping them to improve and give their best. They'll learn to listen to and work with others: perfect for boosting their team spirit and concentration!
Give him a fun new challenge!See the offer Stage Fléchette

A children's "stage fléchette" to improve performance!

Your ski holiday is the perfect opportunity for your children to show off their very best! With esf Courchevel, the youngest will have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a fun and sporting atmosphere. The Children Stage Fléchette is open to young skiers aged 8 to 12 with a minimum Gold Star qualification.

Children are accompanied by qualified and specialized instructors who will prepare them for the Fléchette or Flèche de Bronze in the best conditions.

It's an opportunity for them to challenge themselves during training sessions on the slalom course, technical workshops and free skiing! Our instructors will give them the corrections and technical training they need to perform at their best and register for the tests in the best possible conditions.

Take advantage of the school vacations to offer your budding skier a competition course perfect for a good dose of adrenalin between friends!

For teenagers, think about the esf Competition Course!

What better way to improve your technique than to challenge the clock? Your teenagers can also indulge in the joys of ski racing with the esf Courchevel Competition Course!

From the age of 13, and provided they have achieved at least the Flèche or Chamois de bronze level, young skiers will have the opportunity to give their all on the slopes, thanks to our highly-trained instructors.

Teenagers with more autonomy and technical experience will be able to prove themselves in the discipline of their choice: jumping, free skiing, slalom or giant slalom, there's something for everyone!

Lasting 6 to 7 consecutive days during the school vacations, your children can enjoy the joys of the slopes and benefit from the expert advice of our instructors to become formidable skiers.
Challenge your teenager to a time trial!See the offer Stage Compétition