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‘It is often said that Les Trois Valléesis a less interesting skiing area for experienced skiers in comparison to Espace Killy of Tignes. But all you have to do is walking off the beaten tracks to discover enchanting places, where you can finally find yourself alone for hours.’


Ski instructor for 37 years, Guillaume shares his knowledge with ever more passion.

Originally from Troye en Champagne, Guillaume has been teaching skiing with passion for 37 years. This experienced ski instructor discovers Courchevel ski resort when his grandfather undertakes the construction of his chalet. As he stayed there for a long time, he considers himself as a local.

When he was three years old, Guillaume was hiding so as not to go skiing, which goes to show how things have changed… He starts teaching ski with a sound educational approach, so everyone can enjoy skiing at every level. His best memory remains his experience in Chile, where he gave lessons to underprivileged children. Guillaume had never seen learners improving so fast!

Also working as a mountain guide and artisan, Guillaume appreciates these two occupations, which he considers as being complementary to his activity as a ski instructor.

As a mountain lover, Guillaume travelled it full length and breadth, especially on a mountain bike or a road bike in summer, and on a cross country skiing in winter. He also finds a rhythm through music, another passion.

This highly qualified instructor prefers skiing off-piste. By a matter of fact, his favourite slope in Courchevel is l’Epaule de la Vizelle, precisely because it is no longer a ski run!

In Courchevel, Guillaume enjoys the versatility and tradition of the ESF, two values which he holds dear.

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