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Sylvain Stein
Snowboard, Alpine skiing and Skiing for the disabled
Spoken languages
French - English

"Skiing is sliding, speed, escape - in a word : freedom!"


Originally from Switzerland, Sylvain has been a ski instructor for 25 years.

Born in Switzerland, Sylvain grew up in the mountains, at the foot of a ski slope and a ski lift. He naturally starts to practice this sport, driven by a passionate mother. Exalted by these indescribable sensations of gliding and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, Sylvain, very comfortable on his skis, decides to never leave them.

His passion for the mountain and his irrepressible desire to pass it on to others push him to become a ski instructor. A profession he has been practicing with joy and pride for 25 years now.

After teaching in the Southern Alps and the Pyrenees, Sylvain has been an instructor for 15 years in Courchevel, which he discovered when he joined friends in training while preparing the Alpine Ski state-registered diploma. A resort that he would not leave for anything in the world, as he likes to hit its slopes and explore the area of the Trois Vallées, his favorite playground.

Sylvain, very attentive to his students, counts on demonstration to make his clients progress. This instructor has accumulated far too many memories to name one ; the most beautiful are always moments when his students get to know how to ski alone.

Sylvain, who has had many opportunities to go down the slopes of his home country, Switzerland, has also skied in New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan and Japan... Countries where ski areas and clientele lead instructors to practice and teach skiing in a totally different way. In France, this globe-trotting instructor also taught on several mountains. These professional opportunities gave them a facility to adapt its teaching methods to a varied clientele, coupled with the joy of discovering new landscapes ; beautiful experiences that all instructors should try.

Sylvain, who loves to ski every day, in all weathers and on all slopes, enjoys practice this sports with friends, with his son or alone. Outside teaching, he is a chimney sweep. A typical profession of our mountains !

In addition to skiing, Sylvain practices climbing and paragliding. Another way to enjoy his favorite mountains. This instructor likes all kinds of slopes but prefers to leave his prints on virgin slopes, in the early morning ...

When would you like to ski with me?