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Alpine skiing
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‘I like to share my passion for ski as well as my knowledge of the skiing area.’  


Originally from Aix-les-Bains, Timothé has been teaching his passion to adults and children alike for 8 years now.

Timothé is specialised in competitive skiing and off-piste. Most of all, he appreciates sharing his passion with the greatest possible number.

In order to improve his learners’ level, Timothé mostly focuses on a sound teaching method and practical skills. He is also careful about their apprehensions in order to enable them to excel and to meet their goals progressively.

Thanks to his grandparents who owned a house in Courchevel Valley, Timothé learnt how to ski. He has been hitting the slopes of his favourite resort for 25 years now, especially the mythical Jean Blanc, which he particularly appreciates.

Before becoming a ski instructor and joining the ESF, Timothé practiced competitive skiing at national level until the age of 16. Then, carried by his love for winter sports, he decided to train in order to become a ski instructor and to have the opportunity to share his knowledge to many people, whether novices or experienced skiers.

Timothé, for whom the best ski runs are La Saulire, la Bellevarde, Kitzbuhel and Wengen descents, had the opportunity to ski and teach abroad. These unique experiences enabled him to improve his teaching method in various work environments, and strengthened his desire to teach in Courchevel 1850. After 8 years, he doesn’t get bored of this skiing area. 

When would you like to ski with me?