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Vincent Cucchiaro
Snowboard and Alpine skiing
Spoken languages
French - English - Spanish
“The willpower allow you to climb the peaks, without willpower you will stay at the foot of the mountain.”
New instructor at Courchevel, Vincent knows how to share his love for skiing through its values.

Originally from Nice, Vincent has been teaching how to ski for 7 years now. What matters for this monitor is to cultivate the passion of skiing and to teach its values but also to share the appropriate techniques to face up to any type of situation. Skiing since he was 3 years old, it is his parents that passed down their passion by immersing him in this sport as early as possible. 

Several reasons drove him to be trained in order to teach skiing, among them are the mountain environment, the beauty of the landscapes, the social component and the competitive spirit. This instructor and competitor has taken part in the world of competition for 9 years and won the title of champion of France in the junior urban category in 2011. Vincent sees the opportunity to teach at Courchevel as a chance to reach his professional goals.

This monitor discovered the diverse resort of Courchevel thanks to its reputation and by word of mouth. For Vincent, the ESF represents the respect of the mountain environment by the conservation of the fauna and flora, the respect for others, and the pleasure to learn the different winter sport activities. 

Discovering different landscapes, having an indescribable sense of freedom, combining passion and work… Skiing is a real breath of fresh air for Vincent and that is why he made it his job. 

His best teaching memory is of a student who was a fan of alpine skiing and who was able to enjoy the practice while challenging himself and who was then able to progress all the way to competition training courses.
When would you like to ski with me?