Stress-free skiing with Drago kindergarden

Stress-free skiing: Make sure your kids have fun while you're skiing

Publié le 25/10/2023 - Rédigé par Nadège
The new ski season is approaching and you're starting to plan your family's winter vacations?

At such times, parents can often run into a problem: how to keep the little ones occupied? At the ski resorts, you can choose from a wide range of leisure activities.

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, off-piste... ski areas like Courchevel 1850 are real playgrounds for this. To make the most of all these possibilities without stress, you should know that there are solutions to keep your children entertained at the same time!

Stress-free skiing with children: it's possible!

This winter, the slopes of Courchevel await you with bated breath. Whether you're an avid skier or snowboarder, you'll want to make sure that organizing your winter activities is a pleasure. If you have young children, however, it's never quite as simple as that, as you always have to figure out how to keep them occupied.

With the Drago kindergarten, esf does both parents and children a favor. On the one hand, adults can enjoy sensational descents, and on the other, the little ones can have a great time with our qualified educators.
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The Drago kindergarten: a wonderful world to discover

At the heart of the Children's Village is Drago's magnificent castle. In this secure area reserved for children and their educators, the little ones can marvel at a fairytale world imagined especially for them.

From the age of 18 months to 4 years old, children can take their time to discover the castle and its surroundings through a range of fun activities, always under the watchful eye of their educators. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the ride to the full, alone, as a couple or with friends.

Activities for the little ones with esf

At the heart of Drago's daycare center, little ones can enjoy half-day or full-day activities, depending on the formula chosen by parents. The program will be punctuated by games, a meal, a nap and other surprises lulled by Drago's universe.

Day care runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., giving them plenty of time to discover the joys of the snow in an area specially designed for them, with cabins, ski slopes, a forest and a cable car named Dragovol. Spanning 5 to 7 days, the little ones won't notice the hours ticking by as they're so busy having fun. They'll leave with lots of great memories!
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