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Your kids will love skiing in Drago's wonderful world!

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Drago Village is the only place in the world to offer your children a magical experience this winter!

In a protected, spacious area, your budding adventurers can discover the joys of skiing and the snow, with packages to suit all ages.

A dreamlike world where your children can learn while having fun, and make new friends throughout the week. So, are you ready to join them in Drago's wonderful world?

Drago's world: a magical universe accessible to the very young

Even if your child isn't yet old enough to ski, a stay in the mountains is an opportunity to familiarize him or her with a new environment. However, if you also want to ski during your vacation, it's not always easy to reconcile your wishes with your child's needs.

The children's village run by esf Courchevel 1850 offers the ideal solution: the Drago kindergarden. Open to children aged 18 months to 4 years, this nursery offers a unique playground for your budding adventurers.

In Drago's fairytale castle, your children will be supervised by qualified nursery nurses and educators.

Whether discovering Drago's history indoors or in his outdoor domain, activities are adapted to your children's ages for unforgettable fun and creativity.
A tailor-made mountain holiday for little ones !Discover Drago's Kindergarden

Put on your skis for an unforgettable day with Drago

From their first steps on the slopes to their first star, your child is welcomed in a secure 3-hectare area with the wonderful world of Drago. From age 3 to 12, esf Courchevel offers ski lessons for all ages and levels.

Welcomed at 9 a.m., your apprentice skiers discover the castle and its magical world. When it's time to put on their skis, your children can count on the friendly teaching and guidance of experienced instructors.

Adapted slopes, a break in Drago's magical huts, the Dragovol gondola, a well-balanced lunch and lots of laughs with their new friends, until 4:30 p.m., your young skiers can enjoy a memorable day while you ski with peace of mind.

Their efforts and progress will be rewarded with a medal for each level at the end of the week.

Join your kids for the Drago Show!

If it's time to relax and unwind after their outdoor adventures, Drago also has some great surprises in store for your children at the end of the day. At 5:30 p.m., the esf instructors invite you to join them for an enchanted Drago Show.

As night falls on the resort, your budding skiers can take part in a torchlit descent, as well as drive mini snowmobiles!

It's the perfect opportunity to have one last bit of fun before the day's grand finale: a magnificent fireworks display and hot chocolate or mulled wine for parents.
Introduce your kids to skiing with Drago !See ski lessons