Children's ski lessons : the success of the Top 6

6 kids, 1 instructor: Top 6 success for effective ski training

Publié le 12/10/2023 - Rédigé par Elsa
Would your children like to try their hand at winter sports? Offer them optimum learning conditions with esf. Discover our special "Top 6" package!

Accompanied by attentive instructors, your little ones will discover all the subtleties of skiing and progress at their own pace.

The expertise of qualified instructors for children's ski lessons

As they get older, children are more curious than ever, and are more than happy to try out new disciplines that will put them to the test.

Working alongside passionate and enthusiastic instructors, your budding athletes will have the opportunity to discover the pleasures of the snow and the wonders it holds.

Specializing in lessons for children, our most experienced instructors accompany them on week-long courses, during which they'll have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the discipline, surrounded by friends their own age, with whom they'll also be able to bond.

In small groups, your little ones will have the opportunity to learn under excellent conditions, thanks to the instructor's personalized advice.
A small group with big adventures!Discover the Top 6 Kids offer

Gentle days for your budding skiers

For unforgettable days in the heart of the mountains, it's essential to be able to evolve in the most pleasant surroundings, accompanied by smiling, attentive experts.

By opting for the Top 6 formula, your little ones will have the opportunity to discover the discipline in the best conditions, for a gentle learning experience.

Our lessons offer a safe and gentle way to explore the slopes. Thanks to the small group format, they'll have the full attention of the instructor, who will guide and advise them to help them overcome their fears and develop a passion for winter sports.

With this formula, children aged 6 to 12 will have the opportunity to progress from Second Star to Gold Star, and add to their list of achievements season after season.

A top 6 for the little ones

The Courchevel ski resort offers an ideal setting for learning winter sports, including for the very young. So for children who haven't achieved their Teddy Bear or First Star level, don't panic!

They can sign up for the Top 6 Drago course, for ages 4 and up. From the village to the Courchevel ski area, they'll learn to manage like chefs, while discovering the resort's magnificent scenery.

At their own pace, little ones can learn new techniques and gain confidence on their skis. With tailor-made advice from our instructors, they'll have the chance to awaken their inner sportsman.
Your children learn to ski while having fun with Drago !Discover Drago's Top 6 offer